Why "Subtle Lashes"


Our lashes are anything but subtle. We have pairs that will add drama to your makeup look and completely blow you away! So, then why the name “Subtle Lashes?”


Many ideas were presented when we were brainstorming for the perfect company name and logo. We posed questions to help in prioritizing the things that were most important to us. “What did we want our brand to represent? What are the messages that we wanted to send to our consumers? What is our end goal?” After reflecting on our brand’s values and mission, we decided that we wanted a name and logo that would perfectly encompass our top three main goals:


1) Inclusivity.

Started by a team of Asian Americans, our initial goal was to create lashes that would accommodate any eye shape, especially Asian eyes. We wanted to house a variety of lashes that would fit all of the six main eye shapes - round, monolid, hooded, downturned, upturned, and almond.


2) Philanthropy.

We wanted our company to be socially conscious and contribute to creating change. We went into starting this business knowing it would be a learning process, but we’re ready to take those baby steps and hope to create a company that we can be proud of. Although we are just a lash company, we believe that all businesses have important roles in using their platforms for good.


3) Empowerment.

What gives you that extra confidence boost to start your day? For us, it’s a great pair of lashes! We wanted our brand to represent empowerment through, not only beauty but individuality. Our goal is to create curated collections of different types of lash styles for different types of people. From our fabulous drama queens to our bare-faced natural beauties, we want our products to help you feel amazing!


When creating dialogue on our inclusivity goal, we thought about what events in pop culture made us feel represented or welcomed as Asian Americans. These past few years have been so amazing for Asian American representation! We discussed movies like Crazy Rich Asians and Parasite, the rising popularity of K-pop and anime, and even the Facebook group “Subtle Asian Traits.” We lingered on the topic of SAT for some time and thought it was crazy how a meme group on social media could bring so many people together. Although the group was started in Australia, it’s brought together Asians from across the globe through common interest and relatability. We wanted to create a similar feeling toward our lashes and create products that we felt could truly represent everyone.


While talking about our philanthropy goals and the changes we wished to see in the world, the theory of the Butterfly Effect came up often as it was in agreeance with our team’s beliefs that even the smallest of actions can result in an impactful change. This led to us wanting to create a name centered around the concept of butterflies. After some discussion, we realized that the word “subtle” still kept sticking with us and reminded us of the subtle flaps of a butterfly’s wings that would go on to create a ripple effect of change. We incorporated small butterfly silhouettes in our branding and in our logo as a nod to the Butterfly Effect theory and decided on “Subtle Lashes” as our name. We also just love the irony in the word “subtle” when paired with our most dramatic lashes!


Most people wouldn’t think of “subtle” as a parallel to “empowerment,” but we understand that confidence doesn’t happen overnight. Even small changes in attitude build self-acceptance. At Subtle Lashes, we’re here to help you make even the smallest of actions count!

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