UTA VSA: Collective Philanthropy Project

The Collective Philanthropy Project (CPP) is an initiative for Vietnamese students and community organizations to collaborate and partner with in working towards one charitable cause. The idea was to create momentum for a collective effort under one philanthropic campaign. CPP assists North American Vietnamese nonprofit/philanthropic organizations to better achieve their mission through collective and collaborative partnership with UNAVSA and its constituent groups.

In efforts to raise money toward the Collective Philanthropy Project, the Vietnamese Student Association at the University of Texas at Arlington (UTAVSA) will be hosting a fundraising event where one of our officers and/or family leaders will be taking on Paqui "One Chip Challenge" for every $100 raised. The "One Chip Challenge" is them eating a Carolina Reaper tortilla chip. As an incentive to donate, UTAVSA will be raffling prizes for every $5 donated. Currently, we have planned the event to run from October 26 to November 6, 2020.

If you have any questions feel free to contact any of the officers, message us on Facebook @UTAVSA, or send us an email at arlingtonvsa@gmail.com

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