About Us


“To promote empowerment and individuality, while leading the way for a socially conscious industry.”


Welcome to our Subtle Fam

Newly founded in March of 2020, Subtle Lashes aims to empower people through confidence and change. Built from the inspiration of influential and uplifting womxn, our brand hopes to bridge the gap between beauty and philanthropy. Providing products that produce less waste as well as using our platform to support local organizations allows us to look good, feel good, and do good.


Our Story

“As a long-time lover of beauty and makeup, I could always rely on a trusty pair of lashes to add an extra boost of confidence to my look. Unfortunately, due to sensitive skin and multiple allergic reactions from wearing false eyelashes, I began researching for any possible explanations to the recent swelling and irritation of my eyes. I was disappointed to learn about the unclean conditions that some lashes go through before making its way to its owner. My research also led me to the discovery of the possible allergic reactions that can occur from mink hair as well as the formaldehyde used to make eyelash glue. Knowing this, I decided it was time to up my lash game! Frustrated with how expensive a quality pair of hypoallergenic lashes are, the idea came to start my own brand – a brand that would be affordable, high-quality, and something that I would TRULY pay for.”

♥️  Daelyinh Tran


Subtle Lashes started as a result of the frustration of single-use, wasteful lashes that were not accommodating to all eye shapes. At Subtle Lashes, we work with our Korean manufacturer to custom design each pair of cruelty-free, vegan lashes in our collection. The lashes are distributed from our general headquarters in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA after undergoing a quality control process. The use of flexible cotton bands allows us to ensure that our lashes are comfortable and non-irritable. The current collections are made with only the finest materials and sterilized synthetic fibers.

We strive for our Subtle Fam to be a community where lash lovers can unite and continue to change the world.


Daelyinh Tran

Founder & CEO

📍Oklahoma City, OK

Emily Tran

COO & Web Developer

📍Chicago, IL

Tim Tran

Project Manager

📍Madison, WI

Christina Nguyen

Human Resources & Outreach

📍Madison, WI

Paula Duong

Content Editor & Outreach  

📍Chicago, IL

Karie Le

Marketing Coordinator

📍Minneapolis, MN

Jimmy Le

Financial Advisor & Consultant

📍Mustang, OK

Breanne Ngo

Public Relations Intern

📍Arlington, TX

Tan Nguyen

Product Photographer  

📍Oklahoma City, OK

Kayla Pham

Content Creation Assistant

📍Grand Prairie, TX

Tyler Nguyen

Secretary & Customer Service

📍Mustang, OK